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Tom Duden Endorsed by Lincoln Independent Business Association

LINCOLN, NE — Today, the Lincoln Independent Business Association Political Action Committee issued their endorsement of Tom Duden for the Lincoln City Council District 2.

Duden made the following statement:

"The Lincoln Independent Business Association plays a vital role in educating both elected and appointed officials at all levels of local government about the concerns of our local business community that allows our citizens to enjoy quality of life. I am proud to promote our free enterprise system and look forward to listening attentively to our business leaders to ensure city policy provides Lincoln's businesses with the ability to provide and maintain a high quality of life for residents."

Duden is also endorsed by Attorney General Mike Hilgers, State Auditor Mike Foley, Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon, Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner, Former State Patrol Colonel Tom Nesbitt, and Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte, in addition to multiple other local retired law enforcement officers and first responders. He is the only Republican candidate for District 2 endorsed by the Lancaster County Republican Party.

To learn more about Tom Duden and his candidacy for Lincoln City Council, please visit


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