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Tom Duden Endorsed by Lincoln Police Union and Local Law Enforcement Leaders

LINCOLN, NE Today, the Lincoln Police Union issued their endorsement, declaring their support for Republican Lincoln City Council candidate, Tom Duden.

“I am thrilled to receive this endorsement by these brave men and women who protect and serve the citizens of Lincoln,”

said Duden.

“Lincoln deserves a strong public safety strategy that produces results and retains and recruits solid, dedicated personnel with integrity. As a retired police officer of 26 years with the Lincoln Police Department, I appreciate the many sacrifices our law enforcement makes on a daily basis to protect our community. As your next city council member from District 2, I look forward to serving as a strong advocate on behalf of Lincoln’s law enforcement and working to grow our shrinking police force and lower calls-for-service response time.”

Duden is also endorsed by Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon, Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner, Former State Patrol Colonel Tom Nesbitt, and Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte, in addition to multiple other local retired law enforcement officers. He is the only Republican candidate for District 2 endorsed by the Lancaster County Republican Party.

To learn more about Tom Duden and his candidacy for Lincoln City Council, please visit


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