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Tom's 10 Beliefs


  1. Individual freedom, personal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

  2. Being a strong advocate for public safety.

  3. Working with stakeholders and supporting an infrastructure plan that addresses: road repairs and new development which includes public and private partnerships.

  4. Having strong and safe schools that encourages both academics and vocational training.

  5. A prosperous and vibrant economy that supports growth and retention of our youth and senior citizens.

  6. Being an advocate for counseling/mental health services and to help substance abusers and the homeless.

  7. Voluntary compliance and acting in accordance with the LAW.

  8. Building a supportive network of family and friends in helping two parents, single parent, foster care, and young adolescents.

  9. Business growth and success is based on collaboration, innovation, and most importantly - creativity.

  10. Hardwork and leading by example.


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