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Leading Lincoln.


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For 26 years, I had the opportunity to work for the Lincoln Police Department where I applied the work ethic that I learned from my parents. I gave 125% to my employer and to my city. I have a passion for law enforcement, helping people in sometimes desperate circumstances, and I believe in fair and equal justice according to the law.

I was given the opportunity to be a teacher in criminal justice and I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the law enforcement profession and to the city that I care about.  It is important for me to teach others the values and skills that I acquired as a Lincoln Police Officer. 

My human resources and business management experience supports my understanding of doing more with less and the value of performance management. I believe that training, peer reviews, and leadership go hand in hand in developing excellence.

As a member of the Lincoln City Council, I will contribute to the traditions of the past while meeting the challenges of the future for all Lincolnites. I will investigate the appropriate use of your hard-earned tax dollars and inform my constituents of any wrongdoing. I won't be afraid to ask tough questions to shine the light of truth.


I want Lincoln to be safe for my neighbors, friends, and family. I want to represent the interests, values, and ideals of the citizens of Lincoln and I feel that I have the passion, record, and skills to support that task.

I invite you to join me as I endeavor to continue protecting our community as your representative for District 2 on the Lincoln City Council. Thank you for your continued support!

As  Nebraska’s Auditor of Public Accounts, my job is to dig into the details, investigate, and provide an independent and accurate review of state and local government. When it comes to proven and trusted leadership, Tom Duden checks all my boxes and passes the test on principles. I am incredibly confident he will bring accountability, integrity, and be a reliable conservative voice on Lincoln’s City Council. He has my complete and total endorsement to represent Lincoln's second district on the city council!

Mike Foley,
Nebraska State Auditor of Public Accounts

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