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Tom Duden Endorsed by Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon and Sheriff Terry Wagner

LINCOLN, NE — Today, the Tom Duden for Lincoln City Council District 2 campaign announced endorsements from both Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon and Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner.

Condon said:

"I have had the privilege of working with Tom Duden as a police officer with the Lincoln Police Department for several years. Tom worked on many cases that I prosecuted prior to his retirement from the police force. Tom is a hard worker and is civically minded made evident by his work for the Lincoln Police Department, Doane College, and the Career Academy, in the years since. I proudly endorse Tom Duden for the District 2 City Council seat."

Sheriff Wagner added:

"I am proud to endorse Tom Duden for the Lincoln City Council. Tom has the experience and common sense needed to make wise decisions for the citizens of Lincoln. His 26 years experience as a police officer, his education in public administration and his many years working in Human Resources gives him a well rounded perspective in dealing with the issues of the City. I’m supporting Tom Duden for City Council, I hope you do too."

Duden commented:

"I am grateful for these two civic leaders' endorsements and their commitment to upholding law and order in our community. The citizens of Lincoln deserve a strong public safety strategy that produces results. Together, we will deliver just that."

To learn more about Tom Duden and his candidacy for Lincoln City Council, please visit

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